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We believe that all women should feel comfortable in their clothes and in their skin. We specialize in providing cute and stylish clothes to women of all sizes. Our goal is to provide cute options for those who usually struggle to find the style they want in the right size. 

Our inclusive sizing eliminates the anxiety surrounding the idea of shopping for women. We know that shopping can be frustrating when you can’t find something you like that fits well. Our clothes are comfortable and cute, and they make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

We stock our store with brands local to the U.S. so you know that your new favorite shirt didn’t have to travel too far before it was in your hands.

Feel Beautiful With Heavenly Boutique

Shopping at Heavenly Boutique is an uplifting experience. We have worked hard to make sure that everyone who steps foot in our store is comfortable. Our designs are inclusive and encouraging, we want the women who support us by shopping with us also feel supported. 

When you are comfortable in your skin and your style, you can see yourself for the true beauty that you really are. Let your light shine through with Heavenly Boutique & Gift Shop. Each of our styles is hand-picked for true comfort.

Shop In-Store And Online

Our boutique styles are available in-store and online. If you need a little boost in the form of retail therapy, find your favorites through our online store. We can ship it straight to your doorstep, so if you can’t make it in to say hello in person you can find everything you need right from your home or wherever you are. 

Shopping for new styles is a stressful experience for many women and we would like to relieve that stress. We are trying to make shopping a more enjoyable experience for all women, and we do that by making sure there is a style and fit for every woman that walks or strolls into our store. 

Stylish Fits And More

We are more than just a clothing store. Visit us in-store or online for the perfect birthday gift for your friend or family member. Shopping for others can be difficult, but we have many cute handbags, keychains, and jewelry so you can find the perfect accessory for your new outfit or the perfect gift for a friend. 

Style your car with cute car coasters and a new keychain, maybe a rearview mirror decoration too. Style is not just specific to clothing, so if you need a pop of color to spice up the area in your life wherever you spend the most time, whether that’s in your car, office, home, or otherwise, find everything you need with Heavenly Boutique & Gift Shop.


Two ladies who have a vision of working together for a common goal. I love the idea of moms and daughters working, dreaming and conspiring. Look over the goods, ask questions and make a purchase or two.

John Riley Wisener

Lindsey & Shirley have knocked it outta the park in selecting the cutest clothing items! The jeans, the shirts, the dresses, the shoes, the accessories … so excited about this shop!❤️

Lori Pennington Williams

Change Your Shopping Experience

If shopping is something you used to enjoy but now is no longer a pleasant experience for you, we can change that. The shopping experience you will have with us will change your perspective and remind you how adding a few new styles to your wardrobe is fun. Pick up your new favorite pair of shoes, find the comfiest leggings, select a new piece of jewelry, find the perfect gift for your mom, or do it all with us! 

We work hard to find clothes that will fit you perfectly so that you don’t have to comb through racks just to find one new piece you fancy. Our styles are found in-store and online, so you never have to miss out on finding your perfect fit.

Heavenly Boutique & Gift Shop welcomes you to shop with us! No matter how you feel about yourself walking into our store, you will leave feeling beautiful and confident.

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